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We create content to foster diversity and inclusion, as well as to encourage human potential. We assist in growth, advancement, and motivation by providing content for our partners and our own platforms.

Our material ranges from audio-based instruction and educational resources, to specialized websites, podcasts, digital publications, and e-commerce solutions.


Audio Learning & Developent

It is our stance that learning through sound is an excellent method to acquire new abilities while multitasking or in a relaxed state. This method gives you the freedom to be unbound from a digital display.

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Our award-winning podcasts offer powerful insight into human development. Our podcasts have earned awards, including our original production Conversations from the Heart, which features Pete Carroll founder of Amplify Voices.

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Specialized Websites

Our websites that focus on specific topics provide a wide range of recognition and resources to meet diversity requirements.

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Digital Publications

Our electronic books and collections of stories offer a blueprint for our stories of transformation, and encompass a variety of perspectives.

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Our Storytelling Equals Impact

Our award-winning campaigns, content, and social initiatives are something we’re truly proud of. Here at our company, we take pride in our revolutionary approach to producing original content that helps brands create powerful experiences. Coach the Vote is a shining example of this commitment to meaningful projects that have a lasting impact. We are passionate about using our resources to make a difference in the world and Coach the Vote is a testament to that passion. As an organization, we strive to always seek out innovative ways to drive positive change.

Exclusive Audio Learning & Development with OpenSesame Plus!

OpenSesame Plus offers its six million members access to over 21,000 top-notch courses on a broad range of topics, such as leadership, soft skills, human resource compliance, safety, technology, diversity, equity & inclusion, wellness, software mastery, and industry-specific matters. The company has also collaborated with leading publishers such as TED@Work, Harvard, and Amplify Voices to offer exclusive content.


Diversity in Publishing

Through our publishing efforts, we can help create an inclusive environment that celebrates the beauty of diversity. As part of this effort, we are taking proactive steps to ensure more accurate representation in the digital space. By providing target-specific web and digital publications that showcase diverse perspectives and stories, we can make an impact that truly reflects the full spectrum of people in our society. We are striving to create an equitable world where everyone feels seen and heard, regardless of their background or identity. We are committed to creating a space where all voices can be amplified and each person is valued for who they are. It’s time to make a real change, and we are doing our part by promoting representation through our digital publishing initiatives.

Ambitious & Melanated

Ambitious & Melanated is an editorial digital magazine dedicated to the melanated professional striving to reach their career potential. Our goal is to provide our readers with up-to-date career advice, resources and feature inspirational leaders of industry. From finding the best side-hustles to changing careers and setting new goals, A&M is here to help you take your career advancement to the next level. We understand that everyone has the potential to succeed and thrive in their field, and we seek to provide the tools for readers to achieve this success. Start reading A&M today and get ahead in your career.

Coming April 1
empowering young black boys worldwide

Black Boy Love

We are proud to be launching a web platform devoted to lifting up and empowering young Black boys around the world. This platform will provide book recommendations, articles, and exclusive digital series created by us. It is our aim to provide these young Black boys with the tools and knowledge they need to understand and embrace their unique identity with pride, and know that they are loved. Available April 1, 2023.

emotional intelligence

The Digital Series

This series focuses on the knowledge and insight that can be gained from understanding emotions, and the growth that comes from learning and self-discovery. Every story will help your son develop a stronger sense of self-assurance. Available May 1, 2023.

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